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Created By: Bubblemasta

How To Find Any Gloople For The First Time!

An easy way to find any gloople for the first time is to go on hardcore mode, set the bounty run to fast, and get somewhere around 750 pts. Most glooples should show up around then, INCLUDING Torchies and Frosties. If they don't show up, unluckily, it's up to patience and Huge Nests...

Survive 10 minutes in Bounty Run

First, go to your desktop, right click, click properties, go to settings tab, click on advanced, go to troubleshoot tab, (not the button) and set hardware acceleration one right after the first. It should say "Disable all but basic accelerations. Use this setting to correct more severe problems" under the bar. Click apply, and the screen should go black. (I think it only works for windows XP) After that, go to the options, set the spawn limit to 8, and low quality, or else maybe it'll lag and you won't get the badge. Set Bounty Run to slow, don't kill anything and wait for 10 minutes. The reason why not to kill anything is because if you do, there will most likely encounter glooples of harder difficulty. Good luck! XD

Unlock Hardcore Mode

Get 25 awards. 
To enable hardcore mode...

Sample picture

Get killed 15 times

1. Bitten by Biter.
2. Melted by Meltie.
3. Stabbed by Sharp’s spikes.
4. Smashed by Grinder.
5. Eaten by a Fuzzle.
6. Absorbed by Oozle or Amalgam.
7. Burnt to death by a Torchie’s flames.
8. Exploded into tiny pieces of meat by a Void Eater. Gravity well.
9. Frozen by Frostie, then broke.
10. Speared and then swallowed or absorbed by Gray.
11. Decapitated by Queen or Razor Queen.
12. Got hit by little shooting spiky thingys by a Horror.
13. Zapped by Void Eater.
14. Got killed by Razor Queen’s tiny spikes mine.
15. Sliced in half by Razor Queen’s worms.


An easy way to get demolition is to use the glitch or go hardcore huge nest, get a torchie,  and equip the repulsor, and either the grenade or saw drone. Once you have those and have set up the glitch, use the repulsor, and send out your saw drone toward the torchie. If it contacts, it will explode, and if you didn't lose your armor or die, you get the award! Yay!

300 points in one swing

It's much easier with a Razor Glaive. Kill everything in a nest except for 5 glooples. Wait for a clutter to come along and kill everything else. Get so covered in clutters that you can't swing. Spin around as fast as you can, and get an 8x or 9x combo. That's 300 points. Or you can triple combo a grinder.

Auto-Clear Nest!

Click on Single Nest and right click on the nest you want to auto clear, and select forward.

Right click on the same nest and select forward again.

For some reason, there will be no gooples to attack you. As you see in the bottom left corner, there are no "Glooples left" so just select forward one more time after that and the word forward will be grayed out so you can't click it. Once that happens, just normal click on the nest that you started with and..... ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

TADA!!!!! With only 1200 score, I cleared the nest! You would automatically get Badass award and Bragging rights. =)
Note: You can only do this once at a time. If you wish to do it again, you have to refresh the page.

8 glooples in one swing glitch

This is one of the awards that alot of people have trouble with. So to get 8 glooples in one swing, kill everything in a small nest except for 5 or 4, and wait for a clutter. Once you find a clutter, kill everything except for the clutter. Get completely covered, shake it off, and wait until the baby clutters turn into adult clutters. Do it again, except this time, shake them off and slice them right after they get off you.

OR: You could always cheat and glitch instead! XDSample picture 
First of all, go select a nest. I just used practice mode here to make it easier to demonstrate
Once a clutter is on the screen, right click, then click back. Do not click on the screen after that. Just leave it as is. 

 Sample picture
After a while, this is what should happen. Also, an important tip is to make sure no melties are around. Once there are a HUGE clump like this, click on the screen and start to sprint to them. If you have not normally clicked yet, if you are in the corner of the screen and click, you will end up in the center. Slice them as fast as you possibly can! They will eventually disappear, as they are glitched clutters.

My record is 50 in one swing. Think you can beat that? I have another secret in this glitch that you'll have to find our yourself! :D 

My proof is the kongregate scores thing in the chat box. MUAHAHAHAHAAA

Spiky Shield

You see that weird spike with my dead body stuck on it? That's the spiky shield. It chases after you, tries to kill you, but it just goes right through you. It can kill other stuff though, that's why it's a shield. To make it, get impaled by a sharp, right click, press back, then click on the playing field. Then you will have a spiky shield. It's also a resurrection glitch. If you get killed, just do that.