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Here we are at the rewards section, the things that help you make it easier to beat the game.
To get rewards, you need an award key. To get an award key, you need 10 awards, since you have the award section, that makes getting 10 awards easy. If that's easy then, good for you. Click on a lock with the award key to unlock and equip something. When you click on the reward, the A button will appear over it. Press A to activate it in practice or in a nest. Here are the rewards that I recommend the most. 5/5 = GET THAT FIRST note: the button refers to the button you set the reward to.

This is from first to last, left to right.

Sprint, Grenade, Lure, Inhibitor, Hazard Suit, Saw Drone.
Instant Wall, Repusor, Box gun, Teleporter, Reactive Armor.
To get slot S, get 55 awards.
To get slot D, get 110 awards.

5/5 Reactive Armor- If you get touched by anything that can hurt you, this will explode aka second life.
5/5 Hazard Suit- Protects you from frost, baby clutters, fire, acid, stickie goo, inkie goo, and gravity.
5/5 Razor Glaive- (Kill Razor Queen to unlock) Kills everything in one hit except for grinder, amalgam, and Razor Queen.
4/5 Repulsor- Makes a huge force field to repel glooples. 
4/5 Lure- Lures glooples toward wherever you set it. 
4/5 Box Gun- Shoots 30 rounds of ammo. Can kill almost anything. 
4/5 Grenade- A very explosive little green thingy :D
3/5 Sprint- Sprint for a short period of time holding the button (A S or D). Stand still to replenish your energy. 
3/5 Teleporter- Teleports you to wherever you set the teleporter when you press whatever you chose as the hot key. 
3/5 Inhibitor- Decreases spawn limit of glooples for a period of time. 
2/5 Saw drone- When activated, sends out a spinning saw thingy that slices up glooples. Watch out, it can slice you too. 
1/5 Instant wall- A huge wall forms wherever you set it. Pretty freaking useless -__- Good for fun purposes though :D