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Razor Queen + Queen Stuff...

People are still asking
"What's the fastest way to find the Razor Queen?
Well here's the answer. First, go to a small nest, beat down everything except for the last 5 and don't kill anything. If a Queen or an Amalgam come along, of course you have to kill it. Eventually, a Razor Queen will show unless you don't have a full bestiary, but that's what the bestiary section in this site is for. Do the same for the normal queen. Anyways, since you can't run an amalgam out of the screen, you have to kill it. It's possible to coax an oozle out, but it's hard.

IMPORTANT!: It doesn't matter what score you have to get a queen, but you will have a higher chance of getting a razor queen for the first time if your score is over 1000. And I said HIGHER chance, it doesn't guarantee anything. If it seems as if you can't get the Razor Queen no matter what, then resort to Cheat Engine, a hacking program to get your score up. There are tutorials on YouTube.