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In this section I will tell you everything you need to know about glooples. How to kill them, their description, what they look like, and their names. Well, you can see for yourself how each of them looks, but I'll still tell you the descriptions and how to kill them. Starting from left to right:

Tip: If you need to find a monster, press ctrl+ f and type in the gloople you need to find.

A harmless green blob. Goes in a straight line.
How to kill: Slice it.
Location: Any nest.

 A yellow gloople that releases sticky goo that slows you down when you run into it or step in its goo
How to kill: Slice it.
Location: Any nest

A blue blob that has sharp teeth. Obviously, it tries to follow you and kill you. Extremely annoying. 
How to kill: Slice it.
Location: Any nest.

An orange gloople that releases acid that kills you if you step in its goo or crash into it. Follows you.
How to kill: Slice it.
Location: Any nest

Description: If it sees you, it will turn into a spiky blob that is invincible against your Splatmaster 3000. Follows you.
How to kill: When it is spiky, circle around it until you are behind it. Once you are behind it, it will retract its spikes leaving itself defenseless. Or you can just look it up on YouTube if you still aren't exactly sure how.
Location: Big and Huge nest.

Description: An annoying purple blob that shoots its babies that stick to you and slow you down. When you slice it, it leaves behind baby clutters. Don't let them stay around too long. Spin around in circles to shake babies off
How to kill: Slice it or walk towards it until it goes out of bounds. It follows but keeps a safe distance from you.
Location: Everywhere.

A black gloople that spurts out black ink when sliced. If you step into the goo, you'll slide in a straight line. If you crashed into it, you'll be blinded.
How to kill: Slice it.
Location: Big and Huge nests.

An almost indestructible boulder that smashes anything in its way unless its another grinder. Terrible maneuverability but still tries to follow you
How to kill: To make a grinder vulnerable, you can do 4 things.
1. Make it hit another grinder,
2. Make it run into a meltie,
3. Throw a grenade at it
4. Hit it once with the Razor Glaive to weaken it, but you'll still get bounced back. After that, hit it 2 more times.
5. And although this will probably never happen, make it run into a hardened gray.
Takes 5 hits to kill without Razor Glaive
Location: Big and Huge nests. Around the middle of the nest.

Description: A biter that has 3 lives. And its hairy. Follows you.
How to kill: Slice it 3 times.
Location: Big and Huge nests. Around the middle of the nest.

Description: A huge gloople similar to the small, green, harmless gloople. Except it follows you and is harmful.
How to kill: Step around it and slice 3 times.
Location: Gloople + gloople.

Description: A little fireball that explodes and takes you with it if you slice it. It follows you. How to kill: Wait until its fire runs out or run it into stickie goo.
Location: Huge nests only. Spawns somewhat late in the nest.

A little ball of ice that can go at uber speed and will freeze you if you slice it. It follows you and has uber maneuverability.
How to kill: Get a hazard suit and slice it or step in stickie goo and slice it.
Location: Huge nests only. Spawns somewhat late in the nest.

A gray invincible ball if you try to hit it directly. Follows you. If you don't hit it, it will be spiky. When t shoots a spear-like thing at you, it'll 1 hit ko if you don't reactive armor, bumps you if you have reactive armor.
How to kill: When it shoots its spear-like thing, dodge it and slice the gray before the spear fully extends.
Location: Oozle + gloople.

One of the most annoying gloople that sucks in any gloople it sees and becomes bigger. It will suck you in too if it's at normal size. Splits if it sucks in alot of glooples. 
How to kill:
Step around it and slice it a million times till it dies. It follows you and its fast.
Location: Sometimes around the end of the nest.

This evil spiky ball kills you alot by shooting its spikes at you and running into you. Also by shooting its disks at you 
How to kill: 
Stay a clear distance away and the horror will shoot its disks at you. Once it does, dodge them and slice the blob. Follows you.
Location: Biter + biter.

Void Eater

Description:A spidery thing that uses gravity as its weapon. Sucks you in and makes you explode or makes you turn into ashes with its uber cheap gravity beam.
How to kill: When it's charging up its beam, run in and slice it before it zaps you or stay far from the beam and while it's pulling you in, run in and slice it. 
Location: Gray + gloople.

Evil thing that's ugly and hard to kill. Sets out larva bug things that mutate glooples to turn them into another queen once you kill the first one.
How to kill: Stay a far distance away and when it lunges, slice it. May take practice or a few tries.
Location: Near the end of any nest.

Razor Queen
Really big, has 4 attacks, huge claws, and pretty predictable.
How to kill: Never go diagonal when the queen is lunging, try to stay in the corners that are parallel to the razor queen. When she lunges, step over and slice the gray part of the razor queen. If you hit her, gray blood will come out. Do this 5 times. Note: when you step over and slice, there is a pretty high chance that you will hit the claw and die. That's why you need to practice.
Location: Near the end of any nest. Must have full bestiary.